Our Locations

No matter what country, factory or office, you'll find the same sense of energy and purpose throughout. In fact our culture is as consistent worldwide as the well-loved products for which we are best known.

New Zealand

Founded by Sir James Wattie in 1934, in Hastings, our history in New Zealand is something we are proud of. From our very humble beginnings we may have come a long way but our culture largely remains the same.

Our focus is on making quality products for New Zealanders and export markets. Our team takes pride in what they do and the success that we have achieved. Recently being voted as New Zealand's most influential FMCG (NZ's Most Influential Brands study, Ipsos, 2015) is testament to our commitment in our products but it's not something we take for granted.

Today Wattie's employ more than 1,500 people across four locations in New Zealand: at our headquarters in Parnell, Auckland and our manufacturing sites in Auckland, Hastings and Christchurch.

Whichever location you're in, our culture is sociable, down-to-earth and hard working, while still being fun. Our people are genuine and approachable and value a sense of family with colleagues. We make time to celebrate milestones and our enthusiastic social club arranges our birthday morning teas and sports teams.

All permanent employees enjoy discounted health insurance, through our Southern Cross or Unimed medical schemes. We also have our own superannuation scheme, which includes free life insurance. Our regular staff sales make buying our products even more affordable. And as we own a number of businesses this isn't just limited to Heinz Wattie's products, but also includes products from Golden Circle, Chef, Eta, Craig's, The Good Taste Company, Complan and Weight Watchers, just to name a few.

Our Head Office is in Parnell and is often cooking up a storm; so expect to be enticed to sample the latest Wattie's Food in a Minute meal creations if you're Auckland based.


Heinz landed on the shores of Australia in the 1880's and launched its first product; bottled horseradish in 1935. Soon after, baked beans and canned spaghetti were rolled out across the nation.

Today Kraft Heinz Company turns over $1.2 billion in Australia and employs more than 900 people across the country. We are one of the world's leading marketers and producers of healthy, convenient and affordable foods. We specialize in ketchup, condiments and sauces, frozen meals and vegetable, canned soups and beans, snacks, beverage, and infant nutrition.

Our predominant brands throughout Australia are Golden Circle, Heinz, Kraft, Cottee's, Greenseas, Weight Watchers

We are headquartered in Southbank, located in Melbourne, Victoria, with manufacturing facilities in Echuca, a logistics function in Altona and manufacturing facilities in Wagga Wagga, New South Wales and Northgate, Queensland.

Our working environment is fun, hard working and collaborative. Open planned offices allow creative juices to flow and relationships to flourish, with colleagues always persistent in achieving their best and encouraging the same of others.

Papua New Guinea

Hugo Canning Company started its operations in 1986, with founding owners Sir Hugo Berguser, Angliss Group and Plumrose. In 1998 Heinz bought out the Hugo Canning Company.

The first main products made and distributed were Ox & Palm Red Corned Beef along with Plumrose Brands; Boston Corned Beef Loaf and Sing Sing Corned Meat Loaf and Angliss Brands; Imperial, Hereford and Cereal.

Hugo Canning started distributing Heinz Products from Port Moresby Distribution Warehouse in 2011. We have 200 permanent staff across two sites: Our factory at 16 Mile - home to our operations base and our Sales & Administration office at Hohola Distribution Centre along Kunai Street, Hohola.

2015 has seen the launch of two new Products; Ox & Palm Orange Corned Beef with Cereal and Ox & Palm Red 110g Snack Pack, providing corned beef at an affordable price for our consumers.

We currently export to Vanuatu and the Solomon Islands, with plans to distribute to the neighbouring Asian and Pacific Island nations in the future.


We'd go as far as to say there are probably few households around the globe that haven't heard of our products. With internationally renowned brands and an expanding footprint, we've earned our place as one of the world's leading food companies.

With over 2000 well-loved brands, produced in almost 200 countries, we have made our mark on the shelves of many homes worldwide and contributed to an industry we grow more passionate about everyday. Led by a world-class board of Directors, Kraft Heinz Company is deliberately challenging the food industry on a global level. Through our relentless desire to improve - not only our products but the impact they have on the health of people and the planet - Kraft Heinz Company continues to be a significant game-changer in the international arena.

We are proud of our achievements:

  • Providing over 2 billion meals to hungry children through philanthropic foods
  • Eight $1bn brands
  • The No.3 food and beverage company in North America and No.5 in the world
  • $29.1bn in net sales (2014 pro forma).

With a strong platform for organic growth in North America and continued global expansion, Kraft Heinz Company is dedicated to investing in world-class brands and creating long-term value.