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The Recruitment Process

When you apply for a role with Kraft Heinz Company we'll start by sending you an email to confirm that we have received your application.

If your application does not meet the criteria for the position you have applied for, we'll email you again to let you know. Don't let that put you off though; we encourage all applicants to keep an eye out for other roles that might appeal to you.

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Successful candidates will move onto the next phase of our recruitment process and will be contacted by phone. There will be a behavioural based interview completed for the position you're interested in and prior to being made an offer you will also be required to complete psychometric testing and provide the details of two references.

To ensure we stay true to our value of quality in every aspect of our business, we may ask you to attend a second interview to meet the head of the department you are applying to. It's another chance to get to know us a little better and delve further into our company culture and operational vision and an opportunity to ask about things that matter to you.

Hints & Tips

Applying to Kraft Heinz Company and Wattie's

DO YOUR RESEARCH. Take some steps to find out about the food industry and learn a little about us too.

Take every opportunity to show us WHAT MAKES YOU DIFFERENT from other candidates and how that difference can be useful to us.

It might sound obvious but do pay attention to your spelling, grammar and formatting, FIRST IMPRESSIONS always count.

GET CREATIVE. We're always looking for fresh ideas and new ways of doing things.

Your Interview

If your application is successful we'll invite you to come in for an interview. If you're coming into our offices, look smart and present yourself in a positive way.

What To Expect At Your Interview

During the interview we will require you to answer a set of behavioural questions, to enable you to describe your experience, knowledge and capabilities in areas relevant to the job to which you have applied. A behavioural interview typically draws on previous work related experience, for example you may be asked, "Can you describe for me a situation in which you were responsible for managing a tight timeline?"

If, after your interview we aren't able to offer you a position we will keep you in our talent pool, ready to be considered for any future opportunities that might arise.

BE SPECIFIC. Answers need to refer to particular situations you've been in, actions you took and the results you achieved.

Remember that interviews are a two-way process and it's as much about you deciding if you like us, so feel free to come armed with some QUESTIONS.

CREATIVE THINKING is always welcomed at Kraft Heinz Company, so don't be shy in voicing your ideas when we meet you - we promise to be all ears.

Job Families & Roles

We recruit in to a wide range of areas within the Kraft Heinz business. These are split, as shown below, across our Commercial, Operations and Corporate Services functions.

You can find out about our current vacancies by clicking the Apply Now button below.

Good luck!


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